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How do I return an item?

Initiating a Return:. You can easily initiate a return through the customer portal. Follow these simple steps:. Return Process:. Once you've completed the selection of items for return, our system will initiate the return process. Within 24-48 hours,

What's your return policy?

Conditions for Returns and Exchanges:. Please Note the Following Exceptions:. We are committed to ensuring a fair and transparent return and exchange process. Please adhere to these guidelines to help us serve you better. If you have any questions or

Is it possible to exchange an item?

At the moment, we do not offer the option to exchange items. You must return your order for a full refund and place another order with the correct items. Initiating a Return:. If you find yourself no longer in need of the items you've ordered, you ca

Return Shipping Costs

Return shipping costs are borne by the customer. The return shipping fees are the same as the initial shipping costs below. Please note that if you received free shipping by ordering above $250.00, the return shipping fees will still be applicable an